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Best Moustache and Beard Hair Transplant in Qatar

Moustache, beard, and sideburns are recurring fashion trend that reprise frequently. Keeping up to that masculine vogue trend can be an issue for men with irregular and patchy growth of facial hair. Why does that happen? Well, there are multiple factors responsible. It can be a hormonal imbalance, a medical condition, side-effect of medicines, lifestyle factors, or simple genetics. Luckily, you have Padra Medical Center addressing such conditions with high quality and advanced treatments like moustache and beard hair transplant in Qatar.

Even with underlying conditions, you will be able to flaunt a full and thick moustache and beard and get it styled to your liking. It’s because the transplant treatment that we offer remains unbothered by the inherent conditions that impact the natural growth of the hair. Our treatment follows the latest techniques of transplant that generate fast results. The team of experts performing beard hair transplant in our facility have training and years of experience to deliver reliable service with utmost care.

How Is the Beard Hair Transplant Useful?

In the moustache and beard hair transplant procedure, the patient’s hair is extracted from other parts of the body (usually the scalp) and it is transplanted precisely in the beard area. This is also known as follicular unit extraction.

Unlike hormonal and other dermatological treatments, moustache and beard hair transplant is a permanent solution to the problem of patchy hair growth on the face and hair loss in that particular area. . The advanced FUE procedure fast and promising results unlike any other treatments, like.

– Natural hair growth within 6 months.
– High density of moustache and beard hair.
– Natural, Visible and Aesthetic Results

– Zero hindrance to normal routine post-treatment.

– Moustache and beard transplantation can be combined with normal hair transplant treatment.

What’s included in the Padra Clinic’s Beard hair transplant service?

– Free consultation from experienced professionals.

– Most affordable moustache and beard transplant cost in Qatar.

– Hair transplant package charges 1 Dirham per hair follicle

– Free medication and follow-up post-hair transplant.

– One year of follow-up treatments under experts.

– Lifetime guarantee certificate to all patients.

Under free medication post-transplant process, we cover:

– 30 sessions of laser light therapy to promote hair growth.

– Anti-hair fall caffeine shampoo + triple action growth spray + hair enhancement minerals, provided by the clinic.

For more information on Padra Clinic’s moustache and beard hair transplant in Qatar, feel free to reach out to us for an initial consultation. We will review your condition and personalize a treatment plan accordingly and give you a price estimate as well.

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