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People hardly realize how much the eyebrows affect their overall facial features. The perfectly voluminous, full brows with an arch completely change the facial aesthetics. Now, even people with visibly thinner eyebrows or with no eyebrows due to hormonal condition, genetics, or medication side-effects can get flaunt their full brows and style them as the wish with Padra Medical Center’s eyebrow hair transplant service in Qatar.

Eyebrow hair transplant is a proven procedure for effectively improving the facial appearance by implanting your own hair into the brow area, so the hairs look the same as your eyebrows would if they were naturally thicker.

Hair is extracted from a suitable donor site and transplanted to create natural looking fuller eyebrows. Our hair loss restoration team is expert at creating the right angle for growth, so that there is no hampering the aesthetics and the natural look.

What Results Can You Expect from An Eyebrow Hair Transplant?

Due to the relatively small area that an eyebrow covers, the transplant requires precise planning, starting from choosing the donor area for the grafts to designing the restored eyebrow, for a perfect look.


After the eyebrow hair transplant procedure, it takes 6-12 months for the transplanted hairs to re-grow fully and take the natural shape of the eyebrows. The results will be totally natural-looking and permanent for you.

What’s included in Our Eyebrow Hair Transplant Package?

We offer free consultation with our experts. Our clinic has affordable packages of 1 Dirham for transplantation of 1 hair follicle. We provide free medication after the hair transplant procedure, which includes-

30 sessions of laser light therapy.

Anti-hair fall caffeine shampoo + triple action hair growth cream + hair enhancement minerals.

We also offer one year of follow up sessions with experts.

Padra Medical Center issues a lifetime guarantee certificate to all its client’s post-treatment.

Padra Clinic offers free, no obligation consultations in the heart of Qatar Downtown area. Our experts are always ready to help you make the right decision about your hair restoration. You can rest assured that nothing is more important to us than your well-being, your results and your satisfaction. We take pride in our reputation of being the best clinic for eyebrow hair transplant in Qatar, , and strive to live up to it.

We know you have a choice, but why take a gamble? Thousands of people have put their trust in us, why don´t you join them?

It´s a decision that can change your life, let us help make this a reality. Our friendly advisors are waiting to discuss the next steps with you

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